Sculptor Agrippa Tirigu

“Carving is a source of joy to the artist. . . .

To attack the raw material, gradually to extract a shape out of it following one’s own desire, or, sometimes, the inspiration of the material itself: this gives the sculptor great joy.”  

Aristide Maillol

Born in Guruve in 1987, I live and work in Tengenenge, North Zimbabwe.

I am a sculptor and stone carver, influenced by the modern sculpture, as well as Shona traditions.

I work primarily in black serpentine. I like stone because of its inherent natural beauty. Every stone has a sculpture already hidden inside it and it is my duty to discover it and set it free.

I can produce a range of work, mainly the modern ones. I am very happy to discuss your wishes and make a sculpture at your request. Please see my works in the „Gallery“.

You can contact me by completing the contact form on the „Contact Me“ page.

Alternatively, call or text me on +263 773358836